Monday, October 15, 2012

Sunny San Diego

In July my mom, sister, and nephews took a trip to San Diego.  It was fun to get to spend time with my mom and Jill and to play with my favorite nephews.  We spent a couple days on the beach, went to SeaWorld, went to Old Town, and went to Medieval Times!  The boys had a blast playing in the waves, finding sea shells, catching sand crabs, seeing the animals at SeaWorld, and all the other fun things we got to do.

Enjoying some breakfast in the room

Looking for sea shells

Carson and all of his sea shells

our cute little pops

Medieval Times

Hanging out on the beach

Travis' cool seaweed necklace

The boys were pretty good at catching these sand crabs. I think they had about 30 in here!

Old Town

Watching the SeaWorld fireworks from our room

The boys with "Shampoo"!

I like penguins

Landon enjoying SeaWorld

Waiting for Shamu

LOVE the San Diego Temple!

 This trip was so much fun.  We only had one major mishap the whole trip. Carson got locked in the bathroom at Panda Express.  The Fire Department came and got him out.  He was quite the trooper!

Keeping Carson company

Free at last!

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  1. Lets go back to the beach...soon! We love to party with you! Can't wait to see you next month!!